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12th-Jan-2011 12:08 am - Heavy Ink comics controversy
Pasty Pale White Boy & Pinoy Boy Toy!

If anyone out there buys their comics from Heavy Ink, an online comics retailer, I offer that you might want to reconsider, as the president, Travis Corcoran, seems to think shooting members of Congress isn't such a bad idea (to quote, "1 down, 534 to go," in reference to the January 8 shooting in Tucson, Arizona that left 6 people dead and critically injured U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, the intended target of the attack, being the first of the 535 members of Congress).

Needless to say there's been some significant buzz, including Paul Cornell asking readers not to buy his books from the site, and Nick Spencer specifically requesting that Corcoran stop stocking his books.

There's also been a lot of hemming and hawing from Corcoran - in a long, rambling diatribe he outlines his political views, and although at one point he says, "No, I do not endorse shooting at politicians in 2011," he seems to think an armed revolution is just over the horizon (i.e., shooting at politicians sometime in the future would be acceptable); on his Twitter account he says, "I don't incite the killing of any politicians; that would be illegal. I merely think that it's morally legitimate."

Although I hope I included enough links to pertinent information so that someone could make up their own mind about this, I'm posting this because I think this guy is a tremendous douchebag that deserves all the bad karma he can get. Is he entitled to his opinion? Of course, and he's equally entitled to spread it all over the internet if he so desires. I don't think, however, that hateful rhetoric like this should be rewarded, so I'm equally free to spread that opinion all over the internet myself.
28th-Jan-2010 06:32 pm - Arcanum is republished!
(Cross-posted from my personal journal, because I'm just that excited about this game's new availability.  *laugh*)

I very much enjoy seeing several different companies republishing old computer games.  Those games, I mean, that were made before everything had to have an online component to them.  Creative works had to be complete within themselves.  I miss those days.

Play this music while you read this post.  It helps.  :)
Arcanum front game cover
Among my favorites is one game called "Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura".  It's dated by the low resolution and lack of windowed mode, but I still pop in the virtual disc and play this game every once in a while.
It was a wonderful steampunk game.  The game had no character types, so you were not limited by anyone else's ideas of what profession you should become.  You could mix-and-match any set of skills available in the game.  Your character, however, did need to choose between emphasizing skills of magic or technology.  Each interfered with the efficacy of the other.  You could, if you wanted, try hard to stay in the middle ground between each extreme.

There was lots of crafting (either technological or magical) and lots of skills (also either technological or magical).  Choices affected later outcomes.  If you were a mage, for instance, the railroad forced you to sit in the caboose to put you as far away from the technological steam engine as possible.  If you were a really powerful mage, you might be denied a ticket altogether.  In which case, it was advantageous to learn the skill tree that would give you teleportation.

There were companions that could join your party, including a dog.  Again, because of the interplay between magic and tech, it was better to build your party using the same focus that your own character followed.

One of the best things about the game, however, is the music.  The title score is hands down the best mood piece for a game that I have ever heard.  Don't believe me?  Listen for yourself at a fansite's soundtrack webpage.  Choose the first song, titled "Arcanum".  (Although the Sierra link seems broken at the moment.)  That's the music you hear as you wander the landscape within the game.  It evokes a wonderful, eerie longing.  The author, Ben Hogue, even spent some time here in Minnesota.  He went to St. Olaf college in the mid 1990's.

Arcanum, I think, was not a big money maker.  Very disappointing.  But now, you too, can enjoy Arcanum for only $6 at Good Old Games.
16th-Sep-2009 10:42 am - Board gamers in southern MD?
Board games

If anyone here is from southern Maryland (Charles, Calvert, St. Mary's Counties), there is a new group in Lexington Park starting up to play board games. Feel free to check out the info here:


You can also reply here and I can give you more details. Thanks!
25th-Jul-2009 01:47 pm - "Come with me, I'm ready.."
Sad is the world but I have my Kavorkian

Are you ready for it? The demo is out now on PSN for the psp. 5 characters.
22nd-Jul-2009 07:45 pm - WoW freakout

what would you do if your WoW account was cancelled?

this kid is freaking out coz his mom cancelled his account. holy crap!


would any of you freak out like this? i would totally freak out, but not nearly as much as this kid

18th-May-2009 08:30 pm - Dear Gamers..
Sad is the world but I have my Kavorkian
Do anyone of you play this? http://swordofthenewworld.gamersfirst.com/index.php

Or would you? I'm asking cuz I've played Dofus and am currently doing Atlantica Online. But I heard Sword of the New World was funnish. Was wondering if people played it or not... or if they would. Cuz I'd play with ya. o.o;
29th-Apr-2009 06:42 pm - A game you must get..
Sad is the world but I have my Kavorkian

Not sure if this was posted yet so thought I'd share. Its supposed to come out on the psp in August and I'm waiting for it as best I can. I like how they've done it from the bits I've seen. Hope you guys like the opening.
27th-Mar-2009 04:40 pm - Attn: My Gamer Friends
Since I have been so broke, I had to shut off WoW for the time being and went looking for something free, that didn't suck, to occupy it's place. I have discovered a totally FREE to download and FREE to play MMO. It's called Combat Arms. It is a FPS (first person shooter) and I can't believe how good this game is for free. Here's a video of what the game play is like:

....When I first saw this game I was like...um what's the catch? But then I discovered that the company that put it out NEXON gives the game away for free and you get your chose of 6 basic caracters to play from, even female characters (ROCK!!) and you get the basic weapons (M16 Rifle, 9mm pistol, frag granades and a knife. Which are all good for game use. When you enter the game you earn XP but also GP which is game money and you can upgrade weapons and gear, but the upgrades are temporary, lasting anythign from 24 hours up to 90 days, depend on how much GP you earn and want to spend.

So you might still be asking yourself, as I did, what is the catch. The catch is not a real catch, the way they make their money is they have a Black Market where you can spend real money on upgrades. You go to Blockbuster or Target or Walgreens etc and buy their game card and it has X number of game money and it's THAT money you spend on dumb crap like a gold AK-47 or different looking characters than the 6 basic ones, and THAT is how they make money and why the game is free. But honestly, the game is so fast paced and you can get decent weapons in the free game that all that teenage vanity want stuff doesn't matter and the game is just as fun without spending real money on it. Besides when you kill somebody with a real money weapon, he drops it and you can pick it up and use it. So what's the point of spending your real cash?

So yeah, you can download it for free here: http://combatarms.nexon.net/Intro.aspx

We have started a Clan and want you to join us and play with us. Here's the clan site: http://bl4ck5h33p.clangrid.com/

We have a Ventrilo Server you can use for free to communicate during games, all you need is a headset with a mic and to download Ventrilo, it's also free: http://www.ventrilo.com/

I'm serious, I can't believe how good this game is for FREE.
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