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Gay Gamers
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22nd-Feb-2009 01:35 am - Combat Arms
Anybody play this game? It's a FREE first person shooter. I just recently downloaded it and started playing it. I also play America's Army, but whereas AA is a realism/stratagy based FPS, Combat Arms is more of a free for all kill fest. So far I'm digging it. You gain rank and GP (money) for points you score. The game is free, but they have a black market where you can buy swank guns, gear and characters with real money, so that's the reason it's free. But honestly, you can also buy gear and weapons with your GP you earn and so far they seem, at least to me, to be good enough so that you don't have to spend any real money. I don't have a problem not being customized.

The game has got several different maps to play and you have the option of playing elimination, every man for himself, missions and capture the flag on all the different maps.

Here's a clip of what the game play looks like.

12th-Feb-2009 11:08 pm - Atten: Girl Gamers

America's Army is a FREE shooter game created by the US Army. You can download the game for free from here:


Women's Army Corps is a brand new clan (guild) formed by girls gamers for girl gamers, mostly because the boys just don't understand. I have been in several clans, most of them ALL Male and they just don't get it when a girl is an avid gamer or a military veteran or both. So this clan was made just for us girls.
The clan name pays tribute to the original Women's Army Corps who paved the way for today's female soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. The clan welcomes female veterans from all military branches, but also girls who were in ROTC, Military Brats or just girl gamers who also support our military.

Important Info:
-Clan Name: Women's Army Corps
-Age Limit: 16+
-Website & Forums: Yes
-Vintrilo Server: Yes
-TWL & Clan Matches: Yes
-Friendly & Fun Community: Yes

Clan Web Site: http://wac.aowc.net/
Log on and sign up!!

You need

-Xfire Free Download: http://www.xfire.com/
-Ventrilo Free Download: http://www.ventrilo.com/
-AAO Tracker Account (after you install and register the game) Link: http://aaotracker.com/

This is what AA game play looks like:

Girl Gamers Rule!!
31st-Jan-2009 04:20 pm - OutlantaCon Reminder!

Hi Everyone!
Here's a reminder about the first full-weekend science fiction and gaming convention in Atlanta for the GLBT community and their supporters!
The convention will be May 1-3, 2009 at the Holiday Inn Doraville (at Buford Hwy and 285.)
Guests include:
Andy Mangels
Joe Castro
Lee Martindale
Tucky Williams
Joseph Carriker
and more to be announced.
Admission is $35 until April 15, after which memberships will be available at the door for $45.
Please visit our web site for more information and to register!   www.outlantacon.org
If you would like to support the convention in another way, please contact me through the web site or reply to me at pr@outlantacon.org.
3rd-Jan-2009 11:08 pm(no subject)
 I'm a new one. :-) I'm just looking to make friends and such on wow, I want to roll a hunter, but would like to have fun nice people to roll with. :-) Any takers? Currently I'm on Misha.

OutlantaCon is a GLBT science fiction and gaming convention that will be in Atlanta May 1-3, 2009.  We have added a new guest, Joe Castro.  The con will be equally focused on gaming and science-fiction/horror/fantasy genres - so expect a lot of gaming!

Joe is a filmmaker and make-up designer and is the mastermind behind such recent horror/gore classics as Terror
Tunes, the Jackhammer Massacre, Driller and Shadow of Death. He was
producer and director of The Legend of Chupacabra, writer and director
of The Young, the Gay and the Restless, and created special make-up on
Another Gay Movie featuring Scott Thompson and Richard Hatch and
Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell starring Jason Connery.

In addition to appearing on panels and in other programming, Joe will
be giving a 2-hour demo of his craft at Outlantacon, transforming some
attractive young man into a nightmarish horror-monster. Should be fun!

For examples of Joe's work, visit his MySpace: myspace.com/joemcastro

PR OutlantaCon

9th-Dec-2008 10:52 am - WARHAWK!!!
keith, dead beat

Does anyone play this besides me? I LOVE IT! I just bought it this past weekend but I played the online demo for 2 months or so...still I am a BIT n00b-ish.

I thought it might be fun to have a gay clan....

7th-Dec-2008 12:36 am - Anyone play Wild World?
Does anyone here play animal crossing daily and connect online?

No one in my friend's list is on and I have a full roaster. I'm an AC addict. I love this game.

While I do have my dry spots, I also have my high playing and connectivity times. I leave the game on mostly at nights though I may not be playing, but I appreciate letters!

Well if anyone plays this game, please let me know :).
23rd-Nov-2008 06:45 pm - New and PSP Qs
deal with it
Im new. Not much else to say about that.

Anyway, I have a PSP and about a year ago it died b/c the battery I assume went all fucky. I was in Best Buy today (after not going there for a year...) and I happened to go over to the PSP section and they had batteries (the 3.6V kind that the PSP uses) and they had a battery charger (to charge up the 3.6V battery). So my question is - should I get a new battery altogether? Or should I buy the battery charger...b/c I thought when you plug in the charger-thing-a-majig when you're recharging the PSP when the battery gets low, you're actually charging the battery...so what would be the point of getting a battery charger if that's what you're doing anyway...if that makes sense. Thanks for the help in advance!

16th-Nov-2008 11:32 am - Speaking out as consumers

I know I'm a newish member here who hasn't posted in the past, but I think something we all share as gay gamers is our disappointment at those who view us as less than our straight friends and neighbors. The passage of Proposition 8 in California as well as other constitutional bans on equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples signifies how easy it is for some people to view us all in the abstract, not as regular people going about their own lives.

As we rise up around the country to protest the passage of discrimination, we're also punishing people who contributed economically toward our second-class citizenship.

Meet Justin Kunz. He's a well-paid artist at Activision-Blizzard. He creates artwork for World of Warcraft. He also donated $5000 to Yes on 8. Not only that, he posted this in his blog:

We ought to all have the moral courage to identify immoral behavior for what it is. Marriage between a man and a woman is natural, instinctive, moral, and healthy. Any other form of sexual union is unnatural, abnormal, unhealthy, and morally wrong. By what standard of morality can any other argument be made?


I reject the theory that homosexuals are hard-wired or “born that way”. We all have tendencies we need to learn to control. Most heterosexual men I know, including the very best, find they are naturally born with instincts that don’t lend themselves easily to monogamy. You could say we men are born to be promiscuous, and if we abandoned ourselves to those instincts instead of controlling them by our conscious will, our conscience, and our moral judgment, a larger number of us probably would be promiscuous.

But we expect men to behave better than that in a civilized society, because we know men can. Self-control is a major part of what makes us human, not laboratory rats. Homosexuals ought to be held to the same standard as heterosexuals, instead of being the only class who gets a free pass to act immorally because our society has been conditioned to believe that they just can’t help themselves.

Well, okay. He has an opinion. He has an opinion that is demeaning and disrespectful toward us all. What does that have to do with WoW?

It's true that Blizzard can't be held responsible for the content of it's employee's blog, but it's also true that Blizzard has not gone on record rejecting the views endorsed there either. Since Kunz has mixed Blizzard press releases with Blizzard artwork with his unfortunate opinions about us all, I think the least we could do is email Blizzard registering our unhappiness with the mixed messages coming out of his blog and ask as customers and gay gamers that they officially reject any association between their company and Mr. Kunz's views.

I'm not a p.r. savvy person, so I don't know how to get the word out. I found a couple emails by searching "*@blizzard.com".

These people might be a good start

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Lisa Jensen, Global PR Director, 949-854-6200
Fax: 949-854-7900

Shon Damron, PR Manager, 949-854-5100
Fax: 949-854-7900

Bob Colayco, Associate PR Manager, 949-955-1380, x2528
Fax: 949-854-7900

Everyone's entitled to an opinion, but we're also entitled as a minority community to be vocal and react where we feel harm's been done. Thanks for listening.
7th-Nov-2008 08:03 pm - OutlantaCon Tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow for OutlantaCon, a one day GLBT and friends geekvent being held in Atlanta - tomorrow from 10 am to Midnight!

We'll have:

Board Games
RPG Games
Console Gaming (PS2 and WII)
Yummy Food for Sale
Cash bar after 4 pm
At 7pm, the Match Game where you can be a contestant!

Bring CASH for admission and for food.  Admission is $10 for the day.  Also, bring your friends and favorite games.

The location is:
Knights of Columbus Hall
Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA

Call me if you get lost, it's right next to a package store north of Cheshire Bridge/Lenox Roads.  404-403-9902



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